Every Child is Special: The Best Movie Ever

EveryIt’s my first time to watch a film that made my tissue run out. I just want to share this movie that tugs the heartstrings and this is a story of hope and perseverance. This Bollywood movie is entitled “Every Child is Special”.The film explores the imagination and life of an eight-year-old boy named Ishaan Awasthi. He was a boy who hates school and always getting trouble. He also fails in every exam. He finds all subjects hard and difficult and belittled by his teachers and classmates.

After receiving a poor academic report and cannot cope with academic demand in school, his parents decide to send him to a boarding school. There, he become depress and in a state of fear. He can’t even focus in his studies. Until he meet his new art teacher named Nikumbh (Aamir Khan). He is an instructor at Tulips School for special children. His teaching style is different from other teachers. He is not just a teacher, he is also a motivator. He observes that Ishaan doesn’t pay attention with every activity in class. There he conclude that Ishaan is suffering from Dyslexia. A person who has this is experiencing learning disabilities such as reading comprehension, having difficulties in letter recognition, and has trouble with numbers. He then visited Ishaan’s parents, and tells that Ishaan is a bright child with a gift of talent in painting and art. Nikumbh also stunned by some of his paintings at home. He describe to them that Ishaan is suffering from Dyslexia and clarifies it is not an indication of low intelligence.

Nikumbh then bring up the topic of dyslexia in class, and tell some famous people who were dyslexics. Nikumbh ask Ishaan to stay in the room and he reveals to the child that he is experiencing with dyslexia. He is then become Ishaan’s tutor and he develop his learning ability in writing, mathematics and language, and his grades have improve.

Just before the end of school year, Nikumbh organizes an art competition for the students and faculty staff. With Ishaan’s creative style in painting, he was declared the winner in the competition. When Ishaan’s parents meet his teachers on the last day of school to get his report card, they are left speechless by the transformation they see in him. Ishaan and his family are thankful to Nikumbh for his extra effort in teaching him.

This movie is all about hope and determination. In life we struggle but we are created by God as a unique person with certain ability and talent. It also about responsible parenting, parents should not demand their children to top all the subjects. Indeed we should teach them, to inspire and motivate them. I highly recommend this movie at all. Friends and family support, love and perseverance are central themes of this story.

Every Child is Special


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