Is Lucy a Female Sequel of Limitless?

limitless01Limitless is a movie about Eddie’s journey after his ex-brother-in law gives him a certain “smart pill” that suddenly put his brain into great mental powers. After taking the pill, he can constantly write a book in four days, win in a poker, learn a language in hours, plays the stock market and runs up to millions. He’s the man of Information Overload.

Eddie is played by Bradley Cooper; he is a New York author who challenged with colossal “writers block”. Eventually he hasn’t written a single word of a novel long overdue no matter how hard he tries. He was also even dumped by his successful young professional girlfriend. But his life changes when he takes the influential new drug called NZT . The moment he takes the drug, his brain activates to function at 100 percent. He knows intuitively how to handle perplexed situations, anticipate future events, a charisma and newfound martial-art abilities.

But Eddie was entangled in three problems. First, it has something to do with the source of the smart pills; his brother in law is no longer in a place to disclose it. The second has to do with a mob loan limitless003shark who liked being smart and come gunning for his declining supply of medicine. And last, Eddie’s success leads to a meeting with a powerful and prominent business tycoon, Carl Van Loon (Robert De Niro). Carl plots to settle a complex business merger that will build the industry to its very core. Eddie experiments with the drug and buys a secured penthouse and hires guard and a laboratory on making NZT. He continues to earn money on the stock exchange, his book was released and runs for the US Senate.

On the other hand, let’s talk about the latest  sci-fi thriller movie ‘Lucy’, which star Scarlett Johansson . It is also drove the plot from Limitless.

lucy2 Lucy is kidnapped and is tricked into working as drug mule by her boyfriend, whose employer is a Korean drug lord Mr. Jang. As Lucy delivers a briefcase to Mr. Jang, she is captured and a bag of drugs is by force stitched into Lucy’s abdomen and that of she can transport the drugs in Europe. While Lucy is in captivity, he suffers beating up that ruptures the drugs in her stomach making it to release into her body. Subsequently, she begins to unleash her untapped brainpower, mental talents and enhanced physical capabilities, such as telekinesis, can absorb information rapidly, mental time travel and cab choose not to feel pain or discomforts to her body.

After her bad ass escape from Jang and his thugs, she drives to a nearest hospital; to get the bag of drugs to remove from her abdomen. The bag is successfully removed, but Lucy realizes the she requires the other three drug mules to continue to develop her neural capacity and the rapid cell growth of drugs is stimulating and will soon kill her.

Film Review Lucy

At her apartment, Lucy begins to study about his condition and contacts some well-known scientist and doctor. And then she found Professor Norman (Morgan Freeman whom she believes the key to save her. After speaking up with him; proving all her extra powers and abilities, she then flies to Paris and contacts a police captain, Pierre Del Rio to help her in finding the three other packets of drugs. Her power continue to grow, she then recovers the drug and meet Prof. Norman, with whom she agrees to share everything she knows.

In the Professor’s lab, Lucy stretches a speech about the nature of time and life and how leadpeople’s humanity alters their perceptions. She then injects the other four remaining bags of drugs to her body. She then becomes more powerful, she gains energy to create an eccentrically shaped supercomputer that will contain all the info in the universe. She then travels space time journey, reaching the oldest discovered of mankind, implied to be Lucy. In the meantime, back in the lab, after the rocket had blasted, Mr. Jang arrives and points a gun at Lucy’s head, aiming to kill her. He shoots her out but before the bullet airstrikes, Lucy is strangely vanishes within the space time continuum. Only her clothes and supercomputers are left behind. Del Rio then shoots Mr. Jang and Professor Norman takes a flash drive with points of light moving in it created by Lucy’s body. Del Rio then asks Prof Norman where Lucy is, and then they receive a text message: “I AM EVERYWHERE”.

I think they are both great movie. Limitless is dazzlingly absorbing, yet cliched, the story is a bit of amusing thrill ride, perhaps far more pop-corn captivating than it deserves. It is engaging and often- good humored. I really enjoyed the film from the beginning of the movie I thought that the idea of the brain smart pill was a clever and new idea. Neil Burger’s movie though has something else in mind. It makes you realize so much you can achieve by being a genius. While Lucy is also somewhat good film t it is a wall to wall action thriller with a healthy dose of science fiction. Besson, is less involved in what the character can actually do, aiming the mainstream of his attention on how she perceives others as well. Still, given the story is glued to Lucy’s perspective, some viewers may find it hard to connect with both the main character and other players.



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