“What is Essential is Invisible to the Eyes”


We do not merely see with our eyes. It is imperative to see with your heart. Seeing with your heart is looking at life with empathy, guidance and a willingness to learn and to love. It is important to spend some time in quiet without all of life’s noises and distractions. Find that place or that activity that allows you moments of time to get quiet and within yourself to listen.

When you begin to spend some personal quiet time, look at yourself and think about who you want to be. Do you want to be someone who is angry, retaliatory, mean spirited, and oblivious to the world around you and the needs of others, or do you want to be someone who is calm, peaceful, helpful, and wise in your actions and decisions. The choice is literally yours. Each and every day, each and every moment, we are free to make the choice of who we want to be.


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