An Open Letter to Math

Alexa Rose

Dear Math,

You know what? Listen to what I’m going to tell you. I don’t know why I hated you so much. I hate you with a passion and if it were possible to commit against algebra, I would do so.

I’m so tired in solving numbers, variables, and calculations. Please grow up and solve your own problems. I’m still waiting for the time that I will use you (i.e. trigonometry, discrete math, geometry, advanced algebra). I’m not fond of you since I was a child. Yes, I can solve! But it’s that just, some subjects are not applicable in the field that I chose. It’s kind of annoying right. Stop finding X and don’t ask Y! With you, I’m either right or wrong. I can’t argue the way out of an incorrect answer. This is something I reply upon to get through life. Your numbers cannot make me laugh…

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