When Life Gives You Lemons Make a Lemonade

I am a sucker for lemonade, a complete aggregate sucker. I couldn’t care less whether it is hand pressed or the powdered sort, I simply love lemonade. This is an incredible thing for me. My addictions have provided for me such a variety of lemons I will be pressing for very much a while. Obviously, my heap of lemons additionally becomes by life on life’s terms.

The incredible state where I live and one of its districts have concluded that I ought not drive for some time and I am still not finished with everything. In any case I have a couple more dates with judges. I know at this time that they won’t be content with my driving record or the reasons I will be seeing them however, guess what? Those things are my past and despite the fact that I will be paying for the move, it is the past. I have been taking a gander at this as a poke, no really a board to the head from my Higher Power. This is the time to take a full breath, continue working steps and proceed a voyage. My life is better as of now.

Walk? Heck yea!! I can stroll to the stores I need. I even have a motion picture theater simply squares far from my home. Any night of the week I can stroll to a gathering. Why simply last Saturday I strolled to a gathering at a congregation. When I left the gathering it was around 15 degrees out with a reasonable sky. I have dependably been a sucker for ministerial spaces and it was simply cool strolling through the still church patio with the star groupings sparkling splendidly down on me. A little contemplation time. My Higher Power, me and His creation. Somewhat more than 12 steps home however very few more. Extremely delicious lemonade surely.


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