Shit Happens


A lot of people become self-destructive when they have nothing to lose. Just think of the movie… Nothing To Lose!

I’ve gone the polar opposite.

For example, one of the things I would have done in the past is crack open a giant block of chocolate and just drown my sorrows in front of a comforting movie. I’m as surprised as anyone when, after contemplating that idea as the best way to move forward, a voice in me said, “is that really going to make anything better?”

Is that chocolate going to help or hinder all the progress I’ve made over the past week? Wouldn’t it be more productive to plan something to fall back on? Bring your priorities and goals into focus right now – it’s as good a time as any.

That’s actually why I’m not very upset. Sure, I’ve had my outburst (or at least my…

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