There really isn’t much about me. I go to work and study most of the time. I’m a decent guy who likes to laugh. I deal with heavy issues on my own and at my leisure and prefer to just focus on enjoying myself and the people I’m with. No drama! I don’t like mind games and although I’m polite and well-mannered I have a hard time with fake people or people who are rude or irritable. I don’t judge, I just know who I like to hang with.

I’ve reinvented myself to meet challenges, to keep up with the changing times or simply to break out of a rut. While many people fear change, I embrace it. I’ve stood up to the world with family, with friends and on my own. I’ve bared my soul and have come out a better man. Facing the unknown tests the innermost depths of who I am. Adversity breeds growth. Independence develops confidence. Experience brings wisdom. Trial strengthens endurance. Adventure gives birth to life. Setbacks are merely a reminder to question what you are doing and why you are doing it. Hurdles are there to be overcome by those with fortitude and determination. Buried treasures are lying, waiting to be found. And I always set in my mind to expect the unexpected.

I’m really pretty much a regular guy but I can’t stress enough how important kindness is to me.


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